"Our decision to purchase NopAdmin was a no brainer. We were all excited to start loading our store up with products when we got our NopCommerce store up and running. Our excitement lasted about 2 days as we realized how long it would take to load and maintain our 1500+ product base. NopAdmin was able to turn our several week long project into just a few days. Awesome product, thanks"

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 How do I know which version to download ?
All NopAdmin version numbers correspond with nopCommerce version numbers. For example, if you are running nopCommerce 3.40, you will need to download NopAdmin 3.40.

 Are the versions backward compatible ?
No. For example, NopAdmin 3.40 will not support version 3.30, 3.20, 3.10,  3.00, 2.80, 2.70, 2.60, and so on. Download the same NopAdmin version number as your nopCommerce version number.

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 Purchase Previous Versions
  Find previous NopAdmn versions 3.30 - 1.60 available for purchase here