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Picture of NopAdmin 2.80 Attribute Manager - English, Portuguese, French and Danish Languages

NopAdmin 2.80 Attribute Manager - English, Portuguese, French and Danish Languages

NopAdmin Attribute Manager makes managing your nopCommerce product variant attributes a snap! It does this by defining your Attributes in NopAdmin Attribute Groups then dragging and dropping the NopAdmin Attribute Group to your products. When you need to add, change, or delete an attribute – you make the change in one place – and your change automatically gets applied to all products that use that NopAdmin Attribute Group.
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  • Manage your attributes in one location by defining them in groups
  • Change attributes in one location
  • Edits to attributes get applied to all products that use the attribute automatically
  • Drag and drop attribute groups to apply them to multiple products at once
  • Easily see which products use the selected NopAdmin Attribute Group
  • Optionally apply the NopAdmin Attribute Group to all variants defined under a single product
  • Define new attributes (i.e. size, color, etc.)
  • Builds all of your existing attributes into NopAdmin Attribute Groups
  • Easily see which NopAdmin Attribute Groups are defined to each product
  • Manage the attribute display type (dropdown list, radio button, etc.), prompt, display order and text
  • In testing on a local database we were able to apply 9 attributes (5 sizes and 4 colors) to over 500 products in less than 3 minutes! This is the equivalent of 4500 entries in nopCommerce without using NopAdmin Attribute Manager!
  • And much more….

How It Works

Watch and Learn Overview Video
Have about 10 minutes to spare?  Learn more about NopAdmin Attribute Manager in this YouTube video.  You'll get to see NopAdmin Attribute Manager in action as we drag and drop a size and a color attribute group to over 100 products - in just a few seconds! Then watch as we change and delete the attributes in a single location and see how all the products that use those groups are updated in just seconds.

Screen Shots


Build your existing attributes into groups for easier management


Easily see which attributes the selected product contains


Drag and Drop your attribute groups to any number of selected products


Any added, changed, or deleted attributes are automatically applied to all products that use that attribute group.  You only need to change attributes in one place!


Control how your attribute group displays and is validated on the nopCommerce web page using standard nopCommerce fields and controls


NopAdmin Attribute Manager conforms to all nopCommerce data rules so your attributes look and behave as if you entered them in the nopCommerce admin panel

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