"Just wanted to say thanks for developing this product. We've run our site on NopCommerce since version 1.40, and I always though there had to be a faster way to maintain my store...and this is it! Thanks so much!"

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Picture of NopAdmin 2.80 FREE Edition - English, Portuguese, French and Danish Languages

NopAdmin 2.80 FREE Edition - English, Portuguese, French and Danish Languages

Our FREE version allows you to maintain your products, categories, manufacturers as well as perform mass administration duties and more
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Maintain your development/test URL and your production URL with one download!

Maintains ALL Products in your nopCommerce Store!

New!  Upload unlimited images from your local machine or remote URL's, assign categories, assign manufacturers, choose which records to process, and more.....loads up to 500 records from Excel for FREE! 

Get all these capabilities with our Product Excel Import Tool:

  • Imports up to total 500 records froom your Excel spreadsheet
  • Export all your data to Excel (2.0+)
  • Choose which rows in Excel to process (2.0+)
  • Includes a Quick Start Template to get you get started quickly (2.0+)
  • A realtime Progress Bar to help you track product import progress
  • A 'test' mode to allow you to validate your file before uploading live data
  • Choose to assign Categories (i.e. True/False) on a product sku level
  • Enter multiple categories on the same line for processing
  • Checks to make sure the categoryID's you entered is a valid ID in your store as part of the test mode
  • Choose to assign Manufacturers (i.e. True/False) on a product sku level
  • Checks to make sure the Manufacturer ID you entered is a valid ID in your store as part of the test mode
  • Choose to upload and assign images (i.e. True/False) on a product sku level
  • Enter different image paths per product sku
  • Enter multiple image names (i.e. image001.jpg;image2.jpg;image3.jpg) for each sku
  • Checks to make sure each image file exists or has permissions issues as part of the test mode
  • Uploads images to database or creates images in the file system
  • If error(s) are found, it will tell you exactly which sku the error(s) are at and what is wrong
  • A complete  insert, update, and error audit trail can be viewed and saved as a text file for debugging purposes
  • Generate a sample Excel file with NopCommerce demo products and the fields you need with the click of a button to get you started
Category Import from Excel 
  • Upload unlimited category names
  • Create and assign parent/child category relationships up to 15 levels deep!
  • Upload an image for each category
  • Upload the display order value for each category
  • Preview mode ensures your spreadsheet will work the first time
  • Includes a category import template to get you started quickly
  • Test mode simulates the category upload to ensure the correct results when you upload for real
Create a Named Profile for each Database Connection  
Now you can create and store a name for each database connection (test database vs. prod database) for each nopCommerce store - allowing you to easily switch databases you are pointing NopAdmin without having to remember or re-type the database name, server name, user name and password!

Product Maintenance

NoPAdmin provides you with full product and product variant maintenance capabilities.     Edit these commonly used fields and more from one easy to use screen:
  • Product Name and short description
  • Rich Text Editing capabilities for long descriptions on both main product level as well as product varaint
  • Published Yes/No
  • Drag and Drop the first image on both main product levels and product varaint
  • Weight, Height, Length and Width
  • Price, Sale Price, Actual Cost, Shipping Upcharge
  • Display Order
  • Inventory
  • Downloads
  • "Recurring" intervals and amounts 
  • Support for image storage either as files or in the database
  • and much more!
Incredibly Easy Product Images Uploads

"Drag and Drop" images from your computer or camera directly to your store!  Now you can quickly assign unlimited images to each product with a few clicks of a mouse.  By using the "drag and drop" method you'll be able to tie images to your products in a fraction of the time the same process would take you thru the NopCommerce administration site! 

Upload Product Tier Prices From Excel
Now you can save all of your existing tier prices with their associated product variant (sku)  or export all of your products skus, add your tier prices and upload them into your nopCommerce store using nothing more than Excel and NopAdmin.  This is new for 2.40!

Category and Subcategory Management

Now you have full category and subcategory management capabilities on one screen: 

  • Add new top level (root) categories with a right click of the mouse
  • Add new subcategories with a right click of a mouse
  • Rename categories and subcategories
  • Delete categories and subcategories as well as the product mappings for the deleted category with a right click of a mouse
Manufacturer Management
Add, change and delete manufacturers on a single screen

Mass Administration Utilities
Perform mass administration functions from NopAdmin like delete all images, delete all image maps, delete products without varaints, delete variants without products, delete all products, delete manufacturer mappings and more!

Manage Local and Remote NopCommerce Stores

NoPAdmin can be used in either local or remote mode, allowing you to connect to NopCommerce databases that you are configuring for the first time on your local SQL server or are maintaining live stores on remote servers.  One simple  database configuration screen is all you need to change - and the licensing doesn't change regardless of whether you are working in local or remote mode.

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