"This is the only product I've found for maintaining NopCommerce stores in a windows environment. There is no other like it!"

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nopCommerce is a leader in asp.net open source e-commerce software solutions

NopCommerce Solutions

NoPCommerce Storefront Implementation
We're professionals at helping you get your products online quickly!   Over the years we've worked with many clients to help them solve their business needs.  We've helped clients who were being held hostage by their current E-Commerce solution providers by charging them for every change they requested.  We explained that NopCommerce is a package that puts powerful administration capabilities in their hands and showed them the significant annual savings they would recoup in the first year.

We've also helped an auto parts supply business get online with NopCommerce who were novice users to Windows and had their part information in a proprietary UNIX database.   We worked with their vendor to extract the data and load it into their new NopCommerce store.... then configured the site to accept Paypal, created some additional business logic, gave it a professional look-and-feel, and they were off and running.

These are just a couple of examples of how we've helped clients either get online for the first time or upgrade their current E-Commerce platform.

Whatever your business requirements and challenges for doing business online, we can help.  

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NoPCommerce Customization
As great a product as NopCommerce is, no software (including NopCommerce) can ever meet all of your business needs all of the time.   As longtime developers with 20+ years of experience, we've pretty much seen and solved it all.   We've got expertise in C#, VB.NET, and SQL Server 2000-2010 technologies .... so technically we've got the capabilties to get your job done. 

Here are some common modifications we get asked to help with:
  • Shipping method additions and modifications
  • Adding extra database fields
  • Business logic changes
  • Payment method additions and modifications
  • Ordering / screen "flow" modifications
  • Product detail screen modifications
  • Product display template modifications
  • Storefront "Look and Feel" modifications
  • Theme customizations
  • and much more!

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NoPAdmin Customizations
NoPAdmin was developed to help NopCommerce customers in two primary roles:

  • For the NopCommerce Solutions Provider, NoPAdmin excels at helping them rapidly build and deploy customer storefronts. 
  • For NoPCommerce store owners, NopAdmin is also being used to help easily and quickly manage their NopCommerce storefronts.

NoPAdmin is not meant to completely replace the administration functionality of the a NopCommerce storefront.  Instead, it provides another, more efficient way to perform the day to day, routine or otherwise cumbersome activity that managing an online store requires.

If you have specific requests for added functionality and don't want to wait for a new release, please contact us to see how we can help you.  You or one of your customers,  may only need a custom screen developed  to help them manage their store more efficiently - and the costs are probably less than you would think.
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Affordable Managed NoPCommerce Hosting
As a service to our clients and others wishing to run NoPCommerce storefronts, we offer full hosting packages starting at $99.95/year.    We offer our clients:

  • 5 GB of space
  • 100 email accounts
  • Redundant servers Over 30 GBit of bandwidth for external connectivity. That means faster loading times and higher multi-user capacity for your website.
  • Foundry XMR and Cisco 7600 Series routers handle traffic of your website simultaneously. If we’re updating one of the systems or it is experiencing specific problems, units of the other vendor will take over.
  • Data Centers are protected and monitored by automated support systems that permit real-time analysis, review, and maintenance for all clients.
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