"This is the only product I've found for maintaining NopCommerce stores in a windows environment. There is no other like it!"

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nopCommerce is a leader in asp.net open source e-commerce software solutions

Make Money With NopAdmin

Put your nopCommerce expertise to work for your bottom line!
We have three easy ways to make money when you sell NopAdmin to your clients or translate NopAdmin to your language!

Translate NopAdmin to Your Language and Get *Exclusive* Reseller Rights*
NopAdmin has Multi-Language capabilities!  NopAdmin can now display the NopAdmin labels, message boxes, warnings, menu and more in any language.    All you need to do is translate the default English language UI of NopAdmin to your language and you will receive EXCLUSIVE reseller rights to NopAdmin in your language.

If you do the work, you should be rewarded monetarily.   You will receive 40% of all NopAdmin sales of the product that you translate  - and best of all, you will have EXCLUSIVE reseller rights to.  For example, if you translate NopAdmin into German, you will be the only reseller permitted to sell NopAdmin German products.   We'll list your NopAdmin Language product(s) on this web site, host and maintain the product(s) at RegNow, and RegNow will take care of commission payments to you.     It's easy and a great way to earn residual income for your business for not a lot of work.
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* Reseller agreement and one-time setup fee required.

Available Languages :
German - Coming Soon!  (Thank you Kay)

Russian -  Coming Soon!  (Thank you Olga)
Hebrew RTL
Italian - Coming Soon!   (Thank you Olga)
and others in nopCommerce language packs

Branding/White Box Reseller Program*
We've given you the ability to customize NopAdmin with your company logo, change 'NopAdmin' references to your company name, and select a custom skin from 7 skin options.    That's right, YOU do the branding of the NopAdmin UI through a simple screen (no programming experience needed)..... and there's no waiting on us to brand it for you.

You will also receive 40% instant discounts on all NopAdmin license purchases and are free to charge your customers for each license as you wish.    This is a really easy and profitable way to make your company name stand out in the eyes of your nopCommerce customers.   
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* Requires one-time Reseller agreement.  $139.99 one-time setup fee required which does include a NopAdmin Premier license.

Reseller Program
Join our reseller program and start receiving a return on your NopAdmin investment right away!   That's right, buy just one copy of NopAdmin at regular price to get started, then contact us to get your reseller discount code.  When you use your reseller discount code you will receive an 40% instant discount on all NopAdmin license purchases - you are then free to charge your customers for each license as you wish.   

There really is no easier way to make money (how much is up to you) with each copy of  NopAdmin you sell to your clients.   There's no setup fee and no contract! 
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