"Just wanted to say thanks for developing this product. We've run our site on NopCommerce since version 1.40, and I always though there had to be a faster way to maintain my store...and this is it! Thanks so much!"

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nopCommerce is a leader in asp.net open source e-commerce software solutions

NopAdmin Products for nopCommerce Administration

NopAdmin Premier and NopAdmin Full

NopAdmin makes it easy and efficient to administer product and product variants, drag and drop images to your store, assign items to categories by dragging and dropping, upload and manage attributes, create product relationships and more.

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DBtoFileSystem Image Converter for nopCommerce

Are you outgrowing your nopCommerce database or just want to make your nopCommerce site use images from the file system instead of the default database to make maintaining them easier?

Use our handy DBtoFileSystem Image Converter to extract the images that are stored in your database now to your local file system WHILE keeping your current images associations intact with the current products, variants, categories and manufacturers they are currently assigned to.

This tool does it in 4 easy steps!

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NopAdmin Attribute Manager

pic NopAdmin Attribute Manager makes managing your nopCommerce product variant attributes a snap! It does this by defining your Attributes in NopAdmin Attribute Groups  - then allowing you to drag and drop the NopAdmin Attribute Group to your products. When you need to add, change, or delete an attribute - you make the change in one place - and your change automatically gets applied to all products that use that NopAdmin Attribute Group.

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